How to keep married life romantic!!!

For married couples who have been together for many years, things may not feel quite as they did in the early years. If you have noticed that your relationship with your partner is not nearly as exciting as it once was, you are not alone. Every married couple experiences this. As time passes, the romantic spark tends to fade, even if your relationship has grown stronger, the romantic parts may not. 
There are many reasons why this can happen. Employment opportunities, children, health and financial situations all have a great impact on our lives. They can also creep into affecting our romantic lives as well. However, regaining that spark is not impossible. All you need is some effort along with the following helpful hints to bring that romantic spark back into your relationship.
Use these simple tips daily and over time your love life will be back on track.
1: Connect Every Single Day
Think back to the early days of your relationship. You probably told each other ‘I love you’ a hundred times a day and kissed each time you saw each other. If starting a family has gotten in the way of this, keep in mind that both of you still have romantic feelings for each other. You can start today with small steps like asking how your partner’s day went or calling them at work to just say hello.
Schedule at least ten minutes each day where you will sit and talk with each other. It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular as you are just using this time to reconnect. There are 24-hours in each day to do all the other things that have to be done to keep your household in order.
By taking just 10-minutes from that will not make much of a change in what else has to be done but it can greatly impact your relationship in a positive way.
2: Be Romantic
One easy way to show affection is to physically touch your partner. You can accomplish this in many ways ranging from holding hands to sitting close to each other. These actions signal that you still feel the intimacy that sometimes gets pushed aside in today’s busy world. Sometimes you have to use actions to remind each other of the romance you once shared years ago. Touching is a sign of intimacy that takes little effort and can easily become part of a daily routine.
3: Remembering Details
It may be hard to believe but when you are able to accurately recall small details, it helps to reignite that romantic spark. It shows that you pay attention and when you share these details it shows that you care enough to make note of small things. It improves communication and the connection you have.
4: Spending Time Together
If you are busy on an important task, wear our favourite dress from 😁 and take your partner along. Even if it is just a short car ride somewhere. By spending a little time here and there together, you help to feed that romantic spark.
Simple Enough To Do Daily
The key to reigniting that romantic spark is to be proactive. Do things, talk, hold hands, surprises and favourite meals, this little thing matters a lot in one another lives.
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