Established in May 2019, Jazz & Milly is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Our mission is to create effortless and elegant wear that celebrates comfort and feminine silhouettes with keeping up with our ethics. 

Jazz & Milly support ethical production to mass production. Our limited run batches are manufactured in New Delhi and Jaipur in India by a small number of factories that we have a close relationship with.

I have been always in touch with my suppliers through Whatsapp chats and video calls which gives me the surety that everything aligns with my values. Without these global circumstances, I should have visited India in 2020, hopefully, in these school summer holidays, I can visit my family and suppliers.

One more thing to give you assurance is that my sister is based in New Delhi and she has already visited Delhi supplier a couple of times. 


Since the day Mandeep planned to open up the business, she decided to choose low-impact fabrics such as Linen, Organic Cotton, Responsible Wool and Cashmere, Sustainable Viscose, and other eco-conscious materials.

she also pays full attention to ensuring these amazing fabrics are transformed into long-lasting pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for years.


we use eco-friendly packaging for all our garments and accessories. All orders are sent in courier bags from r3packnz. The pouch bags along with accessories and little bags are designed for you to reuse. You might not find fancy packaging from Jazz & Milly. We try to use minimal packaging so our suppliers are told to send the shipments without plastic packaging.


To ensure their longevity, we recommend proper care of your clothing as it will extend their life and minimize your environmental footprint. Wear more, wash less is better for both the garments and the planet.

We recommended limiting washing and doing gentle cold hand wash if necessary as it is less likely to shake out fibers. Avoid machine washing, hot water, harsh chemical detergent, soak, bleach, wire, or rub. Store it properly and stay away from direct sunlight.