Jazz & Milly clothing is designed in New Zealand and made in India in a slow fashion process propped up with good working conditions (Don't worry, we have got family support to check in with manufacturing facilities). Our clothing represents every woman who loves to wear simple and easily styled clothes at reasonable prices. Dresses are made with love and care, using only good quality fabric which has been tested by us before bringing into the market. 

We have a few collections of ready-made stock from overseas to add more colours to our store, as well as more beautiful designs planned for the future.

Our label is named after our beautiful daughter's Jazz & Milly. Becoming a mum to my second child has given me an opportunity to reflect back to my dreams. I always wanted to be a dress designer and loved designing and sewing colourful dresses with my mum, and I hope that my daughters will share those times with me in the future. Time can't be better than this to use the same creative vision and passion to change the way I want to live my life.

I am from India that’s why I found a happy medium to support both the workers of my motherland as well as my new homeland. The support of my community and family is a bonus. My aim is to grow this business so my children can join me in creating a brand that will reflect the beauty of both of my beloved homelands of India and New Zealand.

Lots of Love 

Jazz & Milly 

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